Thanks for stopping by. My name is Daniel, and this is the studio where I host my work. About 70% of my time is spent working on my own products and the rest is spent helping other companies make their software products better.


I'm working on Shortwave, a collaborative musical platform for audiences at live events with Joel Corelitz, and Mocky, a magic window into your team's Dropbox activity, files, and projects. Most of my energy these days is focused on these projects, so I'd love if you checked them out!


I've designed apps for OneShot, Jewelbots, Estate, SilviaTerra, Tonic, and others. Earlier in life I worked for Twilio as a product manager and Coudal Partners on Field Notes notebooks.


Sometimes I write longer pieces to dig deeper into something that's been on my mind. A few of the best posts are Creating moments for discovery, Why I care about code, Open For Business, Frivolous Experimentation, Making Yourself Irrelevant, Being Human, and there's even more on my blog.


Occasionally I take on consulting work for small-to-medium size software companies. Usually these are companies looking for someone to help explore new products or increase existing revenue with design as the focus. To contact me, about consulting or just to say hello, email works great: daniel@33cc77.com. You can also follow me on Twitter here: @DanielZarick.


Other than that, a few personal projects I worked on previously are Colorplane (a color picker for humans), The Shakedown (shake your phone, get points, be happy), and Hermes (helping designers & developers find jobs in Chicago).


Occasionally I email a short letter regarding what I've been working on and thinking about. I wanted a more personal place to share what might normally be posted on sites like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc. You can expect silly jokes, top-of-mind thoughts, an active worklog, and dog photos.