Hi, I'm Daniel Zarick.

I make things on the internet. I'm currently building Mocky.com, which helps people share their work with coworkers and clients.

My home is in Chicago, Illinois, USA. For a few months last year, I lived in the woods next to a lake outside of Louisville, Kentucky. Before that, I worked for a few years in San Francisco and grew my whiskers in Louisville, Kentucky.

I tweet a lot, but you should still follow me because I keep it interesting. If you want to talk, send me an email at daniel@33cc77.com.

Recent blog posts

Some things I made

  1. Mocky (organized feedback for images)
  2. Colorplane (a color picker for humans)
  3. Web Domain White Elephant Exchange
  4. Green Room (a chat room for my friends)
  5. @FreeFlattery (a very friendly Twitter bot)